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We constantly run across a few major concerns in solar regardless of the size of the business. Is the service white labeled? Can the communication be integrated into current practices? Can it have 24/7 support? Can it all be delivered in a timely manner?

The answer to all the questions, without a shadow of a doubt, is yes. However, clients needs are being pigeon holed and they are having to adapt to each service and deal with the short comings by scaling around various services. It did not take long for us to realize we need to support clients by offering white label services, creating 24/7 support, delivering on integration regardless of the depth to create endless value, and really step into a consulting role and outlining the strengths and weaknesses of various tools and have them full 100% confident they are moving in the right direction even if the decision is not as straightforward as you would think on the service you should be using. 

Pricing Proposal Writing and Back Office Support

Plan Scalable Solution Customized Solution
Cost $15 / Design Negotiable
Requirements $250 at first billing cycle Negotiable
Custom Integrations Yes Always!
Limitation on Tasks Proposals only

Pricing AutoCAD Design

Plan Scalable Solution
Cost $125 per design and down 
Requirements $100 at first billing cycle
Custom Integrations Yes
Limitation on Tasks AutoCAD only

Pricing Project Management

One Option
Employees will use clients CRM
Each employee will have there own phone number and text number